Best Podcast Hosting Site




Today, I will be talking about the top 2 best sites to host your podcasts! These sites are free to use and are extremely popular right now within the world of podcasts. With the introduction to online platforms, this has made sharing really easy for aspiring artists that wish to work in the broadcasting field. By uploading podcasts online, listeners can easily go online and listen to them with ease. Since these sites have  large demographic audiences, content creators are able to reach a large spectrum of people with a click of a mouse. These sites are essentially free tools to market your work. With that, listeners are able to provide feedback and opinions. This will help creators understand the market and be able to improve with criticisms. If your podcasts gain popularity, hopefully you will be able to gain a communal fan base which will provide support for your work!

Here are the top 2 most used hosting sites:

According to TechNorms, the best site to host podcasts is SoundCloud. SoundCloud is similar with YouTube; only different is to unload and share music and podcasts rather than videos. Once signs up, users receive personal profile pages and URL so the viewers can access and truck the activities from the users. This site also offers social networking functions so people can interact. The users can choose between free version and paid plan that has ultimate access to functions and services. is the second best hosting site and one of the most well-know site. The benefit is that this site can host any kind of media files such as MP3 files. Another pro to this site is that it has many embedding options for you to input your podcast on any virtual site.

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